What are the entry requirements to enroll on a full-time course at the MITD?

a) Must have reached 16 years of age.
b) Possess academic qualifications depending on courses and levels, for example:

i. NC 3 - Form III/Form IV depending on course, or alternative qualifications
ii. NC 4/5 - SC/GCE O Level/NC 3 in related trades
iii. Diploma & HND - 2 "A" Levels or HSC or NC 4/5 in related trades
iv. Brevet de Technicien(BT) - SC

When do courses start at MITD?

a) NC 3 - January/July
b) Others ( NC 4/5, Diploma, HND) - April/May/September
c) Training under Apprenticeship Scheme - January/July/August
d) Brevet Technicien (BT) - April

What are the fees claimed by the MITD for its training programmes?

Course fees vary from courses to courses. For example:

a. NC 3/BT courses - Free of charge
b. NC 4/5 - Rs 5,000 per year
c. Diploma/HND courses - Vary from Rs 12,000/- to Rs 22,000/- per year
d. SIAST Diploma in Business Administration - 1500 US dollars per year.
The above excludes examination, registration and administrative fees.

What is the duration of MITD full-time courses?

Full-time courses (minimum 5 days per week from 08h00 to 16h00)

a. NC 3 - 1 year
b. NC 4/5 - 1 or 2 year(s), depending on the field of study.
c. Diploma - 2 years
d. HND - 2/3 years
e. BT - 3 years
f. AS (Apprenticeship Scheme) - 1 / 2 years

What are the pathways for MITD Courses?

In some courses it is possible for a trainee to move from:

a. NTCFC to NC 3
b. NC 3 to NC 4/5
c. NC 4/5 to either Diploma or HND

What are the minimum qualifications required to follow part-time courses?

No minimum qualification is required for non-award part-time courses.

However, award part-time courses require similar minimum entry requirements as the corresponding full-time courses

Can a person who has completed a part-time course in a particular trade be enrolled on a related full-time course?

Yes, provided the person meets the minimum entry requirements.

What are the pathways after completion of full-time training?

The successful trainee can join a higher level training programme and join the job market, run their own business.

Does the MITD help successful trainees to find a job?

The MITD has an extensive network of contacts with potential employers and may provide support whenever the opportunity arises.
A database of its successful trainees is available on the MITD website for the benefit of the employers.
The MITD also organises job fairs whereby employers meet job seekers.

Are Certificates issued by MITD recognized in Mauritius and world-wide?

The MITD certificate is a National Certificate recognised by employers in Mauritius.
The MITD is also working in collaboration with the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF) for placement of trainees abroad under the project 'Migration Circulaire'.
Trainees possessing MITD certificates have the opportunities to work abroad, e.g in Canada, France, etc.

Are MITD courses open to disabled persons?


Does MITD run training programmes for employees with no academic qualifications?

Yes, MITD also runs courses prior to Trade Test or conduct Trade Test.

Where can I get additional information?

a) At any MITD Training Centre
b) At MITD House

NTCFC – National Trade Certificate Foundation Course
NC 3 – National Certificate Level 3
NC 4/5 - National Certificate Levels 4/5
ND - National Diploma
HND – Higher National Diploma
Brevet de Technicien – BT
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