Course Contents Entry Requirements
  • Demonstrate knowledge of trade calculations and units for mechanical engineering trades Demonstrate knowledge of basic mechanics for mechanical engineering trades Interpret mechanical engineering drawings Read text for practical purpose Apply safe working practices on an engineering worksite Demonstrate basic knowledge of engineering materials Select, use, and care for engineering hand tools Select, use, and care for simple measuring devices used in engineering Select, use, and care for engineering marking-out equipment Select, use, and care for engineering dimensional measuring equipment Demonstrate knowledge of fits, limits and tolerances in engineering Select, use, and maintain portable hand held engineering power tools Select, use and maintain bench and pillar drilling machine Demonstrate knowledge of fasteners used in mechanical engineering Perform simple turning operations Demonstrate and apply knowledge of basic welding Plant Technology Demonstrate and apply knowledge of machine leveling and alignment Shift loads in engineering installation, maintenance, and fabrication work Demonstrate knowledge of mechanical power transmission Demonstrate knowledge of lubricants and lubrication systems and inspect lubrication systems Select and replace static seals in machines and equipment Demonstrate knowledge of pumps, fans, compressors and valves used in engineering Demonstrate knowledge of industrial hydraulic machines Demonstrate knowledge of bearings used in machines and equipment Electrical & Electronics Demonstrate basic knowledge of magnetism and electricity Demonstrate knowledge of electrical test instruments and take measurements Demonstrate knowledge of electrical control circuits for single phase and 3 phase electrical motors Demonstrate knowledge of air conditioning principles and application
  • Minimum 16 years old Form III
  • Experience acceptable to MITD OR Have an equivalent qualification acceptable to the MITD.

Duration Mode
  1 Year   Apprenticeship Scheme

Certification Centre (Click for contact details)
  Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD)   Knowledge Based Training Centre
Sir Rampersad Neerunjun Training Centre (East Wing)

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