Course Contents Entry Requirements
  • Demonstrate knowledge of problem solving and apply a problem solving technique to a problem Apply ethics pledge within his/her workplace Demonstrate knowledge of new and emerging technology in the tractor and heavy vehicles industry Demonstrate good work habits and perform safe work practices Demonstrate knowledge of hazardous materials used in the motor and related industries Select and use hand tools and workshop equipment Demonstrate knowledge of lifting equipment used in the tractor and heavy vehicle mechanics repair industry Clean tractor and heavy vehicle mechanics components and maintain cleaning equipment Carry out general engineering tasks in the tractor and heavy vehicle mechanics industry Demonstrate knowledge and use of fastening systems used in the tractor and heavy vehicle mechanics industry Demonstrate the ability to gather and process technical information Perform calculations Explain the operation of two and four stroke petrol and diesel engines Remove and install engine exterior components Demonstrate knowledge of basic tuning on a Compression Ignition (CI) engine Carry out basic tuning Compression Ignition engine under supervision Demonstrate knowledge of emission control system Demonstrate knowledge of cooling systems Service automotive cooling systems Identify the general locations and functions of tractor and heavy vehicle mechanics vehicle systems and main components Demonstrate knowledge of lubricants and sealants Select and apply lubricants and sealants Service bearings and seals in vehicles or equipment Demonstrate knowledge of manual transmissions Demonstrate knowledge of driveline components Check, rectify and overhaul clutch cover assemblies and repair and/or replace associated components Diagnose and rectify oil leaks on transmission and driveline components Rectify driveline faults on heavy vehicles, and overhaul universal and constant velocity (CV) joints Demonstrate knowledge of automatic transmissions and their servicing requirements Demonstrate knowledge of the working principle of a gearbox Demonstrate knowledge of the working principle of a final drive Demonstrate knowledge of alignment of propeller shaft Demonstrate knowledge of vehicle steering and suspension systems Diagnose suspension and manual steering faults on tractor and heavy vehicle mechanics vehicles Remove and replace steering and suspension components on motor vehicles Dismantle, inspect, and overhaul manual steering boxes and rack assemblies Demonstrate knowledge of diagnosing and rectifying power-assisted steering system faults Demonstrate knowledge of wheel alignment Demonstrate knowledge of undercarriage systems Demonstrate knowledge on servicing of front and rear hubs (floating system) Demonstrate knowledge of heavy vehicle suspension system Demonstrate knowledge of vehicle braking systems Demonstrate knowledge of braking principles and system component operation for heavy vehicles Demonstrate knowledge of hydraulic brake fluid, fluid replacement, and brake bleeding procedures Diagnose and rectify brake system faults tractor and heavy vehicle mechanics vehicles Remove and replace tractor and heavy vehicle mechanics brake pads and shoes Prepare and overhaul hydraulic braking system components from tractor and heavy vehicles mechanics Demonstrate knowledge of an air brake system Demonstrate knowledge of tractor and heavy vehicle mechanics vehicle tyres and wheels Demonstrate knowledge of air conditioning Demonstrate knowledge of battery Demonstrate knowledge of automotive charging and starting system Perform minor servicing on a starter and alternator Demonstrate knowledge of basic electricity and ohms law Demonstrate knowledge of basic hydraulics Test and service hydraulic systems on equipment, vehicles, and/or machines
  • nassociated Studies: 1.Communicate effectively through written and verbal modes. 2.Perform basic mathematical operations related tothe course 3.Apply Principles of technical drafting to the course 4.Work Ethics 5.Safety and heal requirements 6.Entrepreneurship 7.Information Technology 8.Environmental Studies.
  • Minimum 16 years old Form III
  • Experience acceptable to MITD OR Have an equivalent qualification acceptable to the MITD.

Duration Mode
  1 Year   Apprenticeship Scheme

Certification Centre (Click for contact details)
  Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD)   Prof BS Upadhyaya Training Centre

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