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Course Contents Entry Requirements
  • Maintain housekeeping supplies
  • Provide a housekeeping service within area of work
  • Maintain the housekeeping service Plan and supervise daily housekeeping operations in a commercial hospitality environment
  • Applying safety and security in housekeeping
  • Receive and resolve customer complaints about products or services, in a hospitality environment
  • Provide customer service in the tourism and travel industry
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the tourism industry in Mauritius
  • Demonstrate knowledge of communication and customer service skills in tourism and travel workplaces
  • Maintain personal presentation in the workplace
  • Apply and demonstrate team building principles and skills
  • Apply time management concepts and methods in business situations as a supervisor
  • Demonstrate knowledge of quality and its management
  • Apply sustainable environmental management practices as a workplace supervisor
  • Read , write and converse in French for the hospitality industry
  • Read, write and converse in English for the hospitality industry
  • Read , write and converse in a foreign language for the hospitality industry
  • Use hospitality selected software to input data
  • NTC 3 (now NC 3) Housekeeping + working experience
  • SC + 3 years work experience in Housekeeping
  • Minimum 17years

Duration Mode
  1 year (2.5 days per week at the training centre)   Full-Time

Certification Centre (Click for contact details)
  Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD)   École Hotelière Sir Gaetan Duval

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