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Course Contents Entry Requirements
  • Conduct arrival and departure transfers for visitors
  • Assist visitors to meet driving requirements
  • Guide visitors through a high rise tourist attraction
  • Complete pre and post trip duties for guiding visitors through an adventure tourism activity
  • Guide visitors through an adventure tourism activity of less than a day
  • Demonstrate cross-cultural communication for the tourism and travel industry
  • Demonstrate knowledge of support mechanisms for visitors with special needs
  • Provide information about Mauritius as tourist destination
  • Demonstrate knowledge of world travel geography
  • Demonstrate knowledge of tourist destinations
  • Prepare and deliver guided interpretation during an extended tour, an excursion and gather feedback
  • Prepare and deliver guided interpretation within an attraction, and gather feedback
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in a tour context and when guiding adventure tourism activities
  • Manage health and safety in a tourism context
  • Demonstrate knowledge of water related activities in Mauritius
  • Book reservations and issue tour documentation
  • Participate in sustainable tourism in Mauritius
  • Demonstrate verbal communication skills in a wide range of tourism contexts
  • Identify the implications of oral communication techniques
  • Apply ethics pledge within his/her workplace
  • Participate in groups and/or teams to gather ideas and information
  • Read texts for practical purposes
  • Form IV or Equivalent
  • Minimum 17 years old

Duration Mode
  1 Year   Apprenticeship Scheme

Certification Centre (Click for contact details)
  Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD)   École Hotelière Sir Gaetan Duval

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