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Course Contents Entry Requirements
  • Sort laundry items Finish flatwork laundry items Dryfold laundry items Finish garments in a laundry tunnel finisher Dry laundry items Wash laundry items Wash laundry items using a continuous batch washer Finish washed items on a hot head press Prepare and pack laundry orders Perform routine maintenance Wash, dry and bleach loads Inspect laundry and/or dry cleaning items Finish trousers, shirts and plain skirts on utility press Demonstrate knowledge of materials used in clothing, furnishings and household items Demonstrate knowledge of cleaning care for textile products, fibres and fabrics Demonstrate knowledge of commercial accommodation service cleaning chemicals and equipment Service customer laundry areas in a commercial hospitality establishment Maintain service supplies in a commercial hospitality establishment Maintain personal presentation in the workplace Participate in groups and/or teams to gather ideas and information Read texts for practical purposes Maintain personal presentation and greet customers in the hospitality industry Demonstrate knowledge of procedures to protect people and property in the hospitality industry Provide customers with information about an establishment in the hospitality industry Work in a diverse workplace Protect health and safety in the workplace
  • Form IV or Equivalent
  • Minimum 17years old

Duration Mode
  1 Year   Apprenticeship Scheme

Certification Centre (Click for contact details)
  Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD)   École Hotelière Sir Gaetan Duval

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