New Bel Air Training Centre

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New Bel Air Training Centre (NBATC) is situated in the eastern part of the island. It started its operation in January 2010 in four trades namely Electrical Installation Work, Plumbing and Pipe Fitting, Automotive Mechanics at National Trade Certificate Level 3 and Basic course in Arts and Crafts .  In July 2010, two additional courses at basic level were offered in Automotive Mechanics and Plumbing & Sanitary Works.

The objective of the centre is to equip school leavers of this region with appropriate skills and knowledge to perform in trades such as Electrical, Plumbing and Automotive Mechanics. It also provides the industries and hotels of the eastern region with the manpower they require in the fields mentioned above.

We're sorry but no course is offered under this mode for this training centre

...  Automotive Workshop

    Electrical Installation Workshop

    Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Workshop

    Computer lab with internet facilities


The Assistant Manager

   New Bel Air Training Centre

   St Michel

   Bel Air Rivière Sèche

   Tel:  419 6395

   Fax: 419 8150