Search for a course > BREVET DE TECHNICIEN (BT) EN FABRICATION MECANIQUE - (Maintenance and Production Mechanics)
Course Contents Entry Requirements
  • -The technical subjects in the field of study are in French medium and are as follows:
  • Tournage(Turning Practice)
  • Fraisage(Milling Practice)
  • Ajustage/Montage(Fitting Practice/Assembling)
  • Automatisme(Automation Principles & Progammable Logic Control (P.L.C.)
  • Etude de fabrication/d'Outillage(Workshops Practice)
  • Technologie Professionelle & Prevention des Accidents (Workshop Theory and Safety Measures)
  • Ajustage/Soudage(Limits and Fits, Welding)
  • Machine à Commande Numerique (CNC) (Computerised Numerical Control)
  • Hydraulique (Hydraulics)
  • Construction Mécanique & Mécanique Appliquée (Mechanical Drawing and Applied Mechanics)
  • Mathematiques(Mathematics)
  • Science Physiques(Physics)
  • Anglais(English)
  • Français(French)
  • Informatique(Computer studies)
  • Dessin Assisté par Ordinateur(Computer Aided Drawing/DAO)
  • Legislation du travail(Labour Legislation)
  • Education Sportive(Physical Education)
  • - At least Form V or equivalent with an advantage for applicants with science and or technical subjects. -Between 16 and 22 years old.

Duration Mode
  3 years   Full-Time

Certification Centre (Click for contact details)
  Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD)   Lycée Polytechnique Sir Guy Forget

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