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Course Contents Entry Requirements
  • Demonstrate understanding of trade calculations for printing Demonstrate knowledge of business and quality principles for printing Demonstrates knowledge of the printing and graphic pre –press industries Demonstrate knowledge of safe working practices in the printing and graphic pre press industries Set up and operate collator/stitcher/trimmer for print finishing Set up and operate a collator / gatherer /adhesive binder for print finishing Set and operate a sewing machine for bookbinding Block, using a manual blocking machine for bookbinding Hand bind books for bookbinding Set and operate a stitcher wire for print finishing Set and operate folding machine Set and operate adhesive binding Operate a guillotine for printing production Carry out routine and preventive maintenance common to the printing industry Cut and crease printed substrates for printing production Participate in groups and/or teams to gather ideas and information Apply ethics pledge within his/her workplace Hold a conversation with others Read texts for practical purposes Operate a word processor Create and use a simple computer spreadsheet to solve a problem
  • nassociaated Studies:
  • nassociated Studies: 1.Communicate effectively through written and verbal modes 2.Performbasic mathematical operations to the course. 3.Apply principles of technical drafting related to the course 4.Work ethics 5.Safety and heal requirements 6.Entrepreneurship 7.Information Technology 8.Environmental Studies
  • Minimum 16 years old Form III
  • Experience acceptable to MITD OR Have an equivalent qualification acceptable to the MITD.

Duration Mode
  1 Year   Apprenticeship Scheme

Certification Centre (Click for contact details)
  Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD)   Sir Rampersad Neerunjun Training Centre (East Wing)

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