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  • Introduction to Single Phase and Three Phase Systems Level of voltages as defined under BS 7671:2008 - IEE Wiring Regulations (17th Edn.) Technical Definitions Protection for Safety as defined under BS 7671:2008 IEE Wiring Regulations. (17th Edn.) Types and Selection of Protective Devices - Fuses - Miniature Circuit Breakers - Moulded Case Circuit Breakers - Thermal Overload Relays - Motor Protection Circuit Breakers - Residual Current Devices - Smart Protective devices - Over/Under Voltage Protective devices Cable Sizing as defined under BS 7671:2008 - IEE Wiring Regulations(17th Edn.) Types and Selection of Contactors Three Phase loads - Star and Delta Configurations Three Phase Motors - Squirrel Cage Motors - Slip Ring Motors - Pole Changing ( Dahlander ) Motors Practical Exercises Three Phase Motor Starters - Direct on Line - Stator Resistance - Star Delta - Rotor Resistance Testing of Three Phase Systems - Phase Rotation Test - Insulation Tests - Continuity Tests on Protective Earth Conductors - Megger tests on Three Phase Motors - Troubleshooting skills Each of the above topic areas are back up by practical exercises during the course.
  • The course is aimed at supervisors, maintenance managers, engineers & technicians and students who are interested in understanding three phase systems industrial control circuits. The course uses a 'hands-on' practical approach to reinforce the theoretical aspects of the training. Practical tasks on three phase motor starters are undertaken.

Duration Mode
  150 Hours   Part-Time

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  Non-Award course   School of IT, Electronics and Communication

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