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The School of Information Technology, Electronics and Communication (SITEC) was set up in August 2002 to diversify the activities of the former Electronics Training Centre which was providing training mainly in Electronics since 1992.

The Electronics Training Centre was set up with the collaboration of Siemens, Germany. Courses were delivered with the help and collaboration of German expatriates.

With the advent of the Corporate Plan of the MITD [ex-IVTBI in 2002, the Training Centre was renamed as the School of Information Technology, Electronics and Communication (SITEC).

SITEC is now a leading training centre for vocational and technical training in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Electronics The Centre caters for the necessary human resources at the level of skilled technicians to the ICT & Engineering sectors.

Strategically located in Ebène, the Training Centre presently offers courses leading to a BTEC Edexcel, UK, Higher National Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, National Diploma Level in Telecommunications and IT, and National Certificate Levels in IT, in Industrial Electronics and in Communications Electronics

SITEC also provides Professional IT courses and is a CISCO sponsored local academy. It works in close partnership with the University of Mauritius, which is the Regional CISCO Academy. SITEC has the essential equipment and materials, qualified professional trainers to dispense the CISCO courses with the assistance of internet technology.

We're sorry but no course is offered under this mode for this training centre

Computer Lab: 5 State-of-the-Art Computer Labs all equipped with Pentium 4 Processors and Internet Connection

Networking Lab: Equipped with 6 Cisco 2800 series Catalyst switches and 6 Cisco 1800 Series Routers

Computer Maintenance Workshop: 1 Workshop Equipped with workstations with the latest Core 2 Duo Processors

Flexible Manufacturing System Lab: Consists of 2 six-axes Mitsubishi Industrial robots, PLCs and assembly machines connected on a networked system.

Electronics Workshops: 4 workshops equipped with Power Supply units, Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Training Kits. Each trainee is provided with a fully equipped work bench.

Motor Lab: Equipped with Control Systems for Motors and Electrical Modules for installation of Motors.

Lecture Room: 7 Lecture Rooms with seating capacity ranging from 20 - 30.

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Contact Person

Training Centre Manager 
School of Information Technology, Electronics and Communication

Tel: 464 4236 /404 7200
Fax: 465 8690
Email: manager@sitec.intnet.mu

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